Emma’s Greenhouse

Today, Emma Earth would like to share a fun tip for your greenhouse.

– Recycling is child’s play!





What you need:

  • 1–2 plastic bottles
  • Box cutter/scissors
  • 1 sponge cloth
  • Washi tape
  • Skewer (if necessary)
  • 6 tbsp soil
  • Seeds as desired






Step 1:

Cut the bottle all the way around. (Get an adult to help!)









Step 2:

Tape over the sharp edges with the washi tape.







Step 3:

Cut the sponge cloth into thin strips (0.5 cm) and thread it through the holes in the lid. (You may need to use the skewer to make holes in the lid). Screw the lid onto the bottle.










Step 4:

Fill it with soil (-> in the part with the lid). Distribute the sponge cloth strips evenly.










Step 5:

Add seeds to the soil. Read the instructions on the seed packaging.











Step 6:

Fill the bottom section of the bottle with water. It’s important that the lid does NOT touch the water.



Step 7:

Place the top part of the bottle into the lower part and set it somewhere bright. Make sure that the sponge cloth strips always have enough to drink. NEVER water from above.

You can even make a lid out of the second bottle.










Happy crafting!

Your Emma


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