Edible Garden Flowers

Hello friends, here is Emma. Today I am showing you a very nice lifehack. I prepared edible flowers. One of the best parts about eating flowers might be the price because they grow so wildly everywhere and giving you a free and fancy food source right in your garden.

We do say that you eat with your eyes first. Flowers give your food a nice and fresh touch. Personally, I prefer colourful dishes more.


Among other things I like to pick chamomile in our garden. They are white and yellow and have some mild apple notes, I would say. You can for example crush and dry it to garnish your desserts or to put it in your tea. It’s great fresh, too! Just sprinkle the petals into your salads or soups. But be careful: you need to use it in moderation since some allergy suffers react negatively to it.If I don’t have any camomiles, I also like to pick daisies.


Also, my mother planted nice roses in our backyard. Roses have a sweet taste with subtle fruit undertones. I love to freeze them in ice cubes for drinks. My mother likes to use them for basically everything: soups, salads, teas, jams, and sometimes also sweet desserts.


It sounds strange to eat dandelions, right? But it is actually one of the most nutrient-dense edible garden plants. They might taste slightly bitter green. The youngest leaves are mostly less bitter. It is a nice addition to a green salad.

There are a few words of warning about harvesting edible flowers:

  • Since flowers can pick up pollution, please never harvest them close to a road, an industrial lot or any other space where pollution might have been an issue someday.
  • Also, never harvest flowers from a place where pesticides and fertilizers have been used.
  • Find out exactly which plants are allowed to eat and if you have any allergies.
  • Sometimes, your own backyard might be just the right choice to be on the safe side.

Have you ever tried to eat flowers? Which one tastes the best?

Here is a picture of my breakfast :-).

Your Emma