A project of EverEarth

In recent years, the logging of our forests has not only led to more greenhouse gases entering into our environment, but also has destroyed the habitat of many living beings. EverEarth has for years been advocating for the preservation of our forests and strives to promote a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. As one of the first companies to do so, we manage our own forest with an area of 8000 hectares, in the heart of China.
EverEarth Plant-A-Tree


The vision of our company is to steadily expand our forest. For this we created the ‘Plant-A-Tree” campaign, to let our customers and their children participate in the expansion of our forest. The project enables our customers to plant a new tree in our forest when they buy one of our EverEarth® toys. Through this campaign, our customers have the opportunity to restock our forest and actively contribute to environmental protection.


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